Let your reliable, experienced neighbors at Landmark Roofing ease your mind. Instead of worrying about how to know what condition your roof is in, call Landmark for a free consultation. The Landmark Roofing pros will tell you what needs to be done now, if anything, and what you may need to do in the future. The choice will be yours … and you’ll have peace of mind, knowing your family will be protected, by people who are motivated to make their customers 100 percent satisfied.


    Shingle Roofing Systems. Developed more than a century ago, asphalt shingles have proven to be the most cost-effective and popular solution for America’s homes. We offer a wide range of colors and styles, available in a basic “three-tab” design; a middle-range “architectural” or “laminated” shingle; and top-of-the-line heavyweight designer shingles.


    Windows replacement is one of the fastest ways to help save you money, with benefits far outweighing the cost of replacing old windows. Energy efficiency is the most important quality homeowners are looking for today, and our windows deliver just that.


    New siding can improve the value and curb appeal of a home. Exterior residential siding comes in three main types: vinyl siding, fiber cement siding and wood siding. Our helpful local staff can provide current siding samples and brochures from leading siding manufacturers to help guide you in your decision-making process.


    Landmark Roofing offers expert installation of high-quality, seamless aluminum gutter systems to whisk water away from your foundation, sidewalks, patios and other high-traffic areas. We also offer a choice of solutions for homes prone to clogged gutters from nearby trees. Our gutter covers keep leaves, twigs and other debris from reaching the downspouts, keeping your gutter system unobstructed, even in the autumn months!

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