After starting his first business at age 26, Artie Hendricks has assembled a team of skilled and conscientious friends to be the core of Landmark Roofing. He largely credits his father’s strong and consistent work ethic and his father’s best friend, who owns a construction company and trained him through his first building experiences. Artie has since advanced through degrees in architecture, auto-CAD and construction management to build a business that prides itself on the care it shows for its work and its customers’ satisfaction. “There is no reason a customer should ever have to pickup after a company has been there,” he says, emphasizing the relationships Landmark has with homeowners.

He takes his endless energy and pride in a job well done into the community. Serving on the board of his homeowners association in North Severna Park, MD, Artie is also head of cleanup and grounds for his son’s preschool and volunteers cleanup at a local elementary school as well. He is committed to his community and neighborhood, and is known locally as the roofer who rescued a cat from a tree after calls to local fire officials didn’t produce speedy results.

The Annapolis native loves any activity in the woods or on the water and is big on getting his kids, a son and a daughter, outside and active with him. Artie played high school sports himself, and now loves coaching his kids teams.


ARTIE HENDRICKSOwner & President of Operations

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