It is estimated that between 2010 and 2014, over 8 million homes in the United States were looking for roof repair estimates. In the same years, over 41 percent of all home repair costs were roof related, with those numbers seeing a 14 percent increase over the last several years.

There are a number of reasons for that, that range from the weather to the economy. If you are in the Maryland area, you don’t care what the reason is for your roof repair, you just want the problem solved efficiently and affordable.

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Choose Greater Annapolis Roof Experts

It can be very easy to choose a roof repair expert with a pretty truck and the shiny, happy face that everybody remembers from their television commercials. But does being a famous roofer mean they are a good roofer?

The Better Business Bureau recommends getting tips from friends and family when it comes to roofers. Being able to deliver shiny marketing to you does not necessarily mean they are quality roofers.

It means that the company has money to spend on marketing, which is a cost they will pass on to you.

You can find out how good a roofing company is through a friend’s referral, or by checking out their reviews online. Landmark Roofing is proud to have a solid online reputation that demonstrates we put the customer before shiny marketing efforts.

Meet us right here, where we answer the question, “Do I need a new roof?” in this free roof repair video.

Roof Experts Watch Your Cost

When a good storm blows into town, many roofing experts become ambulance chasers as much as any other business. Property damage to you translates into new customers for many businesses.

The roofing industry is no exception. But a good roofing expert will watch your cost as much as they watch their own.

After a situation where you’ve experienced damage, some contractors will take advantage of this situation. They may quote you an entirely new roof when you don’t even need one.

Or, they may quote you the top of the line shingle cost and persuade you into spending more than you can afford, and more than you need to.

When you are wondering about what you should in the Annapolis area, ask the experts before you sign a contract.

We don’t want you spending more than you can afford, because we know it means you won’t return to us for help when you need it most.

Put Quality First

Along with the trend of upward mobility in the needs for good roofing contractors today, there is an upward trend in roofing costs with some roof repairs costing over $20 thousand dollars.

When you need help, your first thought will go to the cost. Your second will go to quality.

For roof repair, in the greater Annapolis area, choose the contractors that put both of those needs first for you. Contact Landmark Roofing today by calling 442-214-2533 or send an email for a free roof repair quote, and discover how Landmark Roofing puts quality first in every way when it comes to your roof repair.