Most of the time, you can ignore your roof. Making a quick inspection and clearing off any loose debris once or twice a year is typically enough but how do you know if your damaged roof needs to be repaired or replaced?

Severe weather, such as a tornado or hurricane, can leave you dealing with roof damage you can’t ignore. The trickiest part for many homeowners is the decision about whether you should repair or replace that damaged roof.

Keep reading and we’ll cover some of the key factors you should consider when making that choice.

1. Roof Age

The typical roof gets about 20 years of working life before you need to replace it. When your roof gets damaged, the age of the roof must factor into the repair or replace question.

If the roof is around 15 years old or older, replacing it makes more sense than repairing it. You’ll replace the roof within a few years anyway. If it’s under 10 years old, repairing it makes more sense.

2. Damage Type

Damage comes in several forms. High winds might rip a number of shingles loose, but leave the roof otherwise intact. Repair is a sensible option in that case.

A falling limb might crash through the roof and land in your attic. That kind of damage can threaten the integrity of the entire roof. Replacement makes sense there.

For water damage from leaks or ice dams, consult with a roofing contractor. They possess the experience to best evaluate the damage.

3. Damage Extent

The total extent of damage also informs whether to repair or replace a damaged roof. For example, repair is often more practical when the damage falls in one small area. Even highly localized severe damage often fares well with a repair.

Widespread damage, even if it’s light, can prove time-intensive and costly to repair.

4. Damage Location

Sometimes, a homeowner gets lucky and the damage all happens on one side of the roof. Those situations offer a middle ground between repair and replacement.

Assuming your roof still has a decade or more of life left in it, you can go with a partial replacement. The contractor will just replace the damaged half of the roof and leave the other side alone.

5. Roofing Material

While a roof replacement with shingles isn’t cheap, it’s not an outrageous sum of money. Wood shake and especially slate tile replacements can prove prohibitively expensive in comparison.

If you have a wood shake or slate tile roof, ask for a professional evaluation. There’s no harm in asking if a repair is practical and feasible.

Parting Thoughts on Repairing or Replacing Your Damaged Roof

You can’t neglect a damaged roof without putting your entire home at risk. When you make the choice between repair or replacement, keep these things in mind.

The age of the roof. Anything over about 15 years old and you may as well replace it.

Consider the extent, type, and location of the damage. Light, widespread damage might call for a replacement, while you can often repair severe damage in a small area.

Replacing a wood shake or slate tile roof can prove tremendously expensive. Ask about the possibility of repairs.

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